2017 WTHBA Homes for Heroes Recipient

Christopher Montez was a Marine Corps sergeant who became a paraplegic in a helicopter training accident in 2004. He had served in the military from 1994-98, then re-enlisted in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks on the United States by radical Islamic terrorists.

His mother, Minnie Honesto, was his caregiver. When he was named recipient of a home two years ago from Homes for Heroes, she said,

“Nobody ever realizes what it takes to be strong every day and watch your child in this situation, but you know what? We’ve overcome this, and we are so proud to have him here with us every day. We thank God for all the help and the understanding, patience and especially the love that everybody has shown him. Thank you, everybody, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Prior to receiving a new home in Lubbock that was provided through the combined efforts of the community, the Homes for Heroes organization, and the West Texas Home Builders Association, he lived near Tahoka. Montez received a specially equipped home from Homes for Heroes to enable him to live in a more independent way.

At the presentation honoring Montez, he spoke into a microphone held by his mother: “My pacemaker has gone crazy. My heart flutters. To be a part of this organization is very humbling.” He said, “In the Marine Corps they tell us that guys can overcome whatever situation we’re in. You guys cannot … you won’t ever realize how special this is for myself and for my mom.” Montez was given a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, Homes for Heroes lost one of their own last year when Christopher Montez passed away at the age of 41 due to complications from his injuries. The home was re-gifted to new veteran recipient, Cody Leake, in 2018.